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How Search Engines Helps Consumers Research Products



Contributd by Susie Dow in Milwakuee Wisconsin:


I was looking for a solution to a few different problems I was having. I wanted to add a few things into my beauty routine and also look for ways to solve a few skin problems I was having. I went online and started researching information.


First, I started looking for information about crepey skin. I didn't realize until recently that I have skin that is thinning and it is looking a bit saggy.I started researching different methods to take care of skin like this and different lotions to use. I found several creams that claim to help firm skin. That's when I started reading about coconut oil. I learned how it could help with skin that is thinning and can give it the moisture it needs. I had some of this in my kitchen and immediately started using it as a moisturizer.


Next, I started looking for information about tightening skin around the stomach and the best way to do it. I found lots of wraps and other methods to tighten the skin up. I saw a lot of the same information, so I decided I was going to use different search engines to get a variety of information. I went on to the next search engine and found different details on tightening skin around the stomach. I read about wraps that you can buy and ones that you can do yourself. I started reading about wrapping your stomach with Vicks vapor rub and plastic wrap. I looked to see what other search engines results were about this because I thought it sounded like a good idea, but wanted to know if I could find results from other people.


I found a few blogs and some before and after pictures of people that wrapped using these things. I looked in my cabinet, and I had vapor rub, and I knew I had plastic wrap too. I decided to give it a try and left it on my stomach for 1 hour. It left my stomach feeling tighter, and it looked a little more defined. I have been using this wrapping method five times a week for the past few weeks and noticed a difference. My skin is also improving from using coconut oil too. It doesn't seem as saggy.


I found lots of different information using a few search engines. I am glad I decided to vary up the use of them because I saw useful beauty information. The advice I learned and started using has helped improve the problem areas of my skin. It was great to use items I already had readily available. I am glad I found out about the vapor rub wrap too because it has helped my stomach tremendously. I have also found a few other uses for stretch marks and cellulite using vapor rub. It has been easy to keep up with using because it works and gives me results.